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Phone App To Help You Kick Smoking

Our girlfriends and mothers nag us enough. “What are you doing to yourself? You should see how your lungs look!” And now our cellphones could be joining the nagging bandwagon. FixNixer is a phone app which is designed to aid smokers to break the habit. Though we don’t know how much good it will do if you have a phone ...

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The Fire Extinguisher Lighter makes fire fighting useless

I remember when Smokey the Bear was all over TV, screaming at me and threataning to eat me if I started a forest fire. Of course, not using those exact words, but we all knew the truth. The Fire Extinguisher Lighter brings the best of fire fighting and fire starting together into one pleasant hybrid. The lighter doesn’t have any ...

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Cigarettea: Everybody’s doing it and it’s subliminal camel-free

Even non-smokers can have something to tote around in the Cigarette Phone. Cigarettea is cigarette-shaped tea bags for people who like to entertain in a subtle way. People will give you glances of confusion as you drop a cigarette into your boiling water. Let the Cigarettea settle, just like any other tea, and then drink down its tea goodness. It’s ...

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The ultimate smokers’ phone HOLDS real cigarettes

In order to appeal to billions of smokers in China, a company has brought out this ultimate cigarette phone. Not only does it look like a pack of cigarettes (the exact size and the exact warning labels concerning health), it actually holds half a pack of REAL cigarettes on the back. All you need to do is to slide open ...

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