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The Periodic Table of Videos

A great series of videos made by the chemistry department at the University of Nottingham in England�one for each of the elements in the periodic table, 118 in all. It's full of insights�and it will have you wondering about the activation energy of professor Martyn Poliakoff's hair.

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When Potassium Chlorate Meets Gummy Bear

If you’re unfamiliar with potassium chlorate, don’t feel bad. I was too before I heard about this. Potassium chlorate is a strong oxidizing agent that reacts violently with sugar, any sugar, including gummy bears. Man, what is with gummy bears and our apparent hate for them? We’re always doing something to torture our gummy comrades. When potassium chlorate meets gummy ...

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The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables

We’ve seen a few incarnations of the Periodic Table ourselves, but there have been so many different variations and themes that the massive number of designs call for a Periodic Table of Periodic Tables. Included are a collection of some of the web’s most popular and most creative Periodic Table renditions. The Halo Periodic Table was only the tip of ...

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Periodic Table of Elements Cake

Ok, we’ve become slightly obsessed with the Periodic Table of Elements, so sue us. I mean, aesthetically, the thing is just gorgeous to begin with. 118 gorgeous boxes of chemical goodness. The design just fits anywhere. It works. It’s beautiful. Hell, it even makes itself right at home on a damned cake. And it looks delicious to boot. Now you ...

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The Periodic Table of Halo

Master Chief is totally down with chemistry. He can feel the chemistry between you and me, baby. Yeaaah, right on. The Periodic Table of Halo helps the avid Halo / Chemistry fan make sense of the world. Link

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