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Special Edition Peanuts Moleskine

Since I was a kid I’ve had an odd fascination with Charlie Brown and the Peanuts crew. I don’t know whether it was the innocence of the strip, the underlying consistency of Charles Schulz or my ability to relate to Charlie Brown and his dark cloud mentality. Regardless, Peanuts is one comic that will always be read and will always ...

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Charlie Brown TIE-Fighter is Obscurely Nostalgic

I’m not quite sure why this combination works so well, but it just does. Take Charlie Brown’s round noggin’ and shove it between a pair of TIE-Fighter wings and you’ve got yourself a gadget of nostalgia ready for setting shop on your man cave’s mantle. Imagine being a member of the Rebellion and witnessing this thing flying at you at ...

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Charlie Brown Needs a Major Makeover

This poor Peanut has been living in the same mediocrity for decades now. It seems totally unfair. I think its about time Charlie Brown had himself a makeover. Growing up with the Peanuts I have to admit, I grew sick of Brown’s wishy-washy shit. There’s only so much indecisiveness I can take. Maybe a new look can give Charlie a ...

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Untooned Real-Life Charlie Brown is Sort of Terrifying

I grew up with the Peanuts, even if they were way before my time. My dad had all of his old Charlie Brown comic strip books and I read through all of them hundreds of times. So, I was sort of well acquainted with Charlie Brown as a kid. Tim O’Brien’s untooned Charlie Brown shows what the wishy-washiest bald kid ...

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