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Star Wars Cereal: Grape-Hutts, Count Dookula, Troop Loops and More

Some people prefer to pour a whole box of cereal into one massive bowl. Others like to eat it in human-sized quantities. But you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten cereal using the will of the Force. If you only knew the power of the sugar-coated side. These mini-boxes of cereal will be given to attendees of the Celebration V Collectors ...

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No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk Cereal Bowl

There really is no reason to cry over the Spilt Milk Cereal Bowl. And there’s a good reason why there isn’t. While it might look like a traumatic mess is about to unfold, the bowl is no more likely to cause a mess then any other bowl, unless a child or senior happens to be using it. Because then, you ...

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For The Kids: S.O.S. Sinking Bowl

I suppose kids would generally enjoy this more than adults but I sure as hell love the idea that this bowl is running with. The S.O.S. bowl features half of a plane or ship molded to the bottom of the bowl so that when you pour your cereal or soup in, it gives off the illusion of a sinking ship. ...

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My Wife Left Me Because Of My Cardboard Star Trek Models

I thought I was really into Star Trek.? I have every episode from the original series and TNG as well as many articles of clothing and a beer bottle opener shaped like the Enterprise.? However, Bob Prior’s passion and fanboy-ism for Star Trek far surpasses my own.? He’s created Star Trek replicas from Rice Krispies boxes. From Kirk to Picard, ...

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Thats Acrylic, Not Cereal

Ordinary cereal box art turned neon light, Refined Cereal shows that it is possible for you to eat your favorite cereal while 17 friendly mascots (including a doppelganger Cap’n Crunch) glare eerily at you from above. All your favorites are here, except Apple Jacks because they taste like shit. Franken Berri, Count Chocula- hey wait a minute, where’s the fuckin’ ...

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