No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk Cereal Bowl


There really is no reason to cry over the Spilt Milk Cereal Bowl. And there’s a good reason why there isn’t. While it might look like a traumatic mess is about to unfold, the bowl is no more likely to cause a mess then any other bowl, unless a child or senior happens to be using it. Because then, you could expect something closer to the result of too much fruit mixed with a nasty case of irritable bowel syndrome. Example? That kid in the photo is clearly two seconds away from pouring that shit all over your brand new shoes. Then it’s time for daddy to knock out the other teeth.

So while it’s designed to resemble an “accident in progress,” you’re much more likely to have an accident in your pants after realizing how amazingly cool this bowl’s design actually is. Perpetual Kid will offer the bowl to the humble public in mid-April for $13.99. Much cheaper than the bowls we are used too, which happen to not be laced with any hallucinogens of any kind. Now would you please put out the fire in your hair, it’s giving the pink elephants stuffy noses.


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