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Google’s G1 Phone At Walmart Come Wednesday

Tomorrow, you can be like Vince and get a hold of Google’s G1 phone. Walmart will start selling the G1 phone at a discounted price starting Wednesday. It plans to sell the phone for $148.88 in 550 different stores, competing with T-Mobile’s price tag of $179.99. But alas, with cellphones there is always a catch. Whether you’re a new customer ...

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Disposable Bic Pre-Charged Cellphones

Disposable razors, pens and even lighters just weren’t enough for Bic. No, it had to team up with Orange France to launch the Bic Phone. Due out around August 7th (in France), the Bic Phone will come in two amazing colors: disposable razor orange and Bic lighter green.� With a pre-charged battery and an hour of free calls, why would ...

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