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Exploring Liabilities in Car Accidents Involving Self-Driving Cars

The emergence of autonomous vehicles holds promise for safer roads and fewer collisions. However, as this technology becomes increasingly prevalent, questions about liability in autonomous vehicle accidents have emerged. When an autonomous vehicle gets into an accident, who is at fault? The intricacies of liability in self-driving car accidents will be examined in this article. Understanding Self-Driving Technology Before diving ...

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What Happens If the At-Fault Party Doesn’t Have Car Insurance?

Car accidents are more common than you imagine. More than 6 million passenger cars get in some type of accident every year in the US, and this data is from 2019. Road accidents are on the rise, and the need for car insurance policies is evident from this number. But even though liability coverage is mandatory in 49 states in ...

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Intriguing Facts About Car Accidents You Might Not Know

car accident

Car accidents are a prevalent problem worldwide. And being involved in an accident can be devastating for several reasons; even a minor collision can set you back financially as vehicle damages can be hefty. And your car could be totaled even if you did not sustain any severe injuries.  Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers can assist with all car accident claims ...

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Pot Legalization: Is it the Cause for the Rise in Car Fatalities?

Driving stoned can be just as serious as if you were to drive under the influence of alcohol. Since pot was legalized in Washington, fatal accidents involving stoned drives have soared. Based on a recent AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study, it’s hard to decipher if a driver high on marijuana can be too impaired to operate a car. Fatal ...

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