Intriguing Facts About Car Accidents You Might Not Know

Car accidents are a prevalent problem worldwide. And being involved in an accident can be devastating for several reasons; even a minor collision can set you back financially as vehicle damages can be hefty. And your car could be totaled even if you did not sustain any severe injuries. 

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Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers can assist with all car accident claims and ensure you are treated fairly during the process of claiming. An expert injury lawyer will also ensure you receive maximum compensation to cover all your damages, even less claimed for damages such as pain and suffering. With that said, here are a few intriguing facts about car accidents that you might not be aware of.

An International Concern

Every year, over fifty million individuals are severely injured or disabled in road accidents. This staggering number is an international concern for obvious reasons. However, the high number is also because most adult individuals worldwide are drivers. Road accidents are caused by several factors that include drink driving, speeding, vehicle malfunctions, terrible weather conditions, and numerous others. Road accidents will likely remain an international concern indefinitely. Although there is some hope as self-driving cars could solve the issue.

Fatigued Driving Is A Massive Contributor To Accidents

While speeding and drunk driving are leading causes in accident statistics, fatigued driving contributes to a total of twenty percent of all road accidents globally. As a result, drowsy driving is more of a problem than most people would assume. Falling asleep behind the wheel never seems like a possibility, although the common occurrence of this instance suggests that all drivers should take fatigued driving a lot more seriously. 

Drivers Aged Between 16 And 20 Face A Higher Risk

There’s a good reason auto insurance companies pump up premiums for individuals under the age of twenty. Young driver insurance is often more expensive due to the higher risk. And in some countries, the legal driving age is eighteen for similar reasons. Younger drivers are considerably more reckless in most cases. However, even those who are cautious drivers simply don’t have as much experience as older individuals, so many road accidents involve younger individuals. 

Roll-Overs And Head-On Collisions Are The Most Severe 

There are various types of road accidents, although the most severe are roll-overs and head-on collisions. During a roll-over accident, the vehicle can roll several times depending on speed and impact. This will have the driver and passengers severely injured even if they are wearing seatbelts and the car has airbags. When it comes to head-on collisions, the impact force can often be fatal for drivers and passengers. Head-on collisions are even more severe when a vehicle hits a solid standing object as there is no give to absorb any of the impacts. 

Most Accident’s Occur Within A 10mile Radius Of The Driver’s Home

According to statistics, most minor and severe accidents occur within a 10mile radius of the driver’s home. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, drivers may feel more comfortable traveling within such close proximity to their homes, and because the area feels familiar, they become less vigilant over time. In addition, drivers may feel more inclined to pay less attention as they assume they know the area well and, therefore, speed on occasion or ignore road rules. 

Saturday’s Are Common Accident Days

Most accidents are reported on Saturdays. And this may simply be because drivers are more relaxed on the weekend, so they are less vigilant. However, it may also be due to increased alcohol consumption over weekends in general. 

A Seatbelt Reduces Fatalities By 61%

Many drivers often forget to put their seatbelts on. And most modern vehicles have sensors installed to remind drivers as a result. However, wearing a seatbelt enhances your chances of surviving an accident even more than you may assume. Statistics show that drivers who wear seatbelts during accidents are 61% less likely to endure fatal injuries. 

Mobile Phone Usage Increases Your Chances Of An Accident By 400%

There’s a good reason hands-free systems for cellphones were invented. And an even better explanation why driving and using your cellphone at the same time is illegal in most countries; it increases your chances of being involved in an accident by 400%. Driving and texting or talking on your phone will reduce your vigilance substantially, ensuring you are unable to react in time, and you will be more likely to cause an accident as a result. Therefore, it’s better to avoid using your cellphone altogether when driving or have a hands-free system installed in your vehicle. 

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