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Star Wars New Era Fitted Caps

Featuring nearly every major non-human or costumed characters, these Star Wars New Era Fitted Caps are a stylish alternative to that plain old Yankees cap you’ve been rocking since junior high. It’s totally understandable, you like to keep the sun out of your eyes whenever you happen to get a pick-up game of baseball going, but please, for the love ...

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LEGO Baseball Caps

While there’s no doubt I’d rock these New Era LEGO Caps by designer JC de Castelbajac like it were my job, I’m not sure that many of you would like the attention these caps would draw. Us geeks are traditionally a loner breed. We like to dwell in our own little world much of the time, so receiving the attention ...

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No Caps Lock For You

The perfect gift for your forum trolling friends who can’t help but type in all caps when trying to prove a point. Go ahead troll, push that caps lock key in. You’ll only be met with piercing pain as your fingers are punctured by two spikes, just like the Prince of Persia‘s body after a deadly fall. Let’s all contribute ...

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