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Batman Car Seat Wraps Your Toddler In The Dark Knight’s Cape

Being raised by wolves myself, I naturally felt a kinship with a superhero who spent a large majority of his time in a cave. My adopted wolf parents weren't too keen on my mental love affair with a "dirty bat." They forbade it. But a quick mention of "You're not my real Dad!" put them in their place

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Bat Cape Added To Gadget List

Let’s face it: Bruce Wayne is one cool dude. With all these gadgets turning him into a super hero, it’s hard to step up. Now, for less than thirty dollars, you can equip yourself with this bad ass Batman cape that, with one touch, can rapidly deploy a 5′ wingspan. For the love of god, do not try to jump ...

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LED Cape Would Fit Dracula Well

Seems the Maker Faire really stirred the DIY crowd up this year. For instance, check out this cape made by Andrew Lau. He stitched LEDs all over a black cape then used a microcontroller to display messages and the like. Doesn’t seem like it’d be too hard to whip one up yourself, though the microcontroller programming could get a little ...

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