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Once In A Lifetime: Meteors In Canada

So there’s not exactly a lot of background on this video but from what I can gather, this is a police officer’s dashcam capturing a meteor falling in the sky over Edmonton, Canada. It’s quite the sight to see, considering that I’d be thinking about complete Armageddon if the sky lit up like that around here. I have yet to ...

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Batman’s Latest Spy Technology

Is this a spy cam created by the military or is it Batman’s latest gadget? Of course it’s a piece of technology made by the military; Batman is a fictitious comic book character. The Army has awarded the University of Michigan College of Engineering a five year $10 million dollar grant to develop this robotic spy plane which bears an ...

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Pistol Cam Captures That Special Moment

Celebrating the recent ruling on the Second Amendment? Grab that Colt .45 and slap the $695 Pistol Cam on it. It attaches to most handguns and records up to an hour of MPEG4 audio and video. Amazing as it sounds, it’s primarily designed for law enforcement with the Orange County SWAT team giving it their approval. I’m pretty sure that ...

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