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The Fast Food Mafia: Woke Up This Morning, Got Yourself a Bun

With Ron the Don, it’s always personal. Screw business. Did Wendy launch an ad campaign against the family? Well, business is going to have to suffer. Meet the true kingpins behind the New Jersey of the food industry, the Fast Food Mafia. You thought Ronald was dead? Think again. Just stay clear of the drive-by deep fryings and believing their ...

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Fast Food Fallacies: Fast Food Menu Items Compared to Their Ads

The resemblance between what you see and what you get at fast food restaurants has been a hot debate in the massively obese business community for decades. But the differences between what we see in the ads and what we actually wind up eating just seems to get further and further apart with each passing year. The blog Alphalia picked ...

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Fast Food Assassination and Other Disturbing Ronald McDonald Images

Not all is jolly in the land of fast food. As turf wars heat up, so does the bloodshed. Jack’s assassination of the clown is only one of a few disturbing images of Ronald McDonald found across the web. He’s not the clown you thought he was. Battling the Burger King himself and even having an adverse reaction to his ...

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Proof That The Windows 7 Whopper Exists!

Sometimes, seeing really is believing. In the case of the seven patty Windows 7 Whopper monster from Japan we talked about yesterday, I really just had to see it for myself. Alas, proof is in the photographic pudding. The Windows 7 Whopper is about the same height as an iPhone and twice as caloric (and remember kids, the iPhone is ...

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Japan Celebrates Windows 7 with the Windows Whopper

Made with seven patties of pure love, the Japanese Burger King franchise is offering a Windows 7 Whopper, a five inches tall monstrosity. Costing 777 Japanese Yen, eating one of these will make you feel just about as bloated as a Windows-operated PC. Sorry guys, its just too easy. Link

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