Proof That The Windows 7 Whopper Exists!


Sometimes, seeing really is believing. In the case of the seven patty Windows 7 Whopper monster from Japan we talked about yesterday, I really just had to see it for myself.

Alas, proof is in the photographic pudding. The Windows 7 Whopper is about the same height as an iPhone and twice as caloric (and remember kids, the iPhone is made almost exclusively of butter). I’m oddly hungry and utterly disgusted at the same time. I’m completely disgusted at the lack of cheese on this sandwich. Now, I wonder whether a U.S. Burger King would spring at the chance to make one of these?



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  1. THATS ONLY 6!!!

  2. Burger king will make an octo if you order it… Just expect to pay for 4 doubles…

  3. Címon, have a little fun. Itís just a silly marketing campaign, not a Genocide Sandwich, or something.

  4. Only 6 patties?


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