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Even The Poorest Of Bums Can Afford This Computer

Think that $130 NPX-9000 Firefox tablet or the OLPC $75 touch screen laptop are as cheap as it gets? Think again. The brains at MIT are sure of themselves that they can create a computer for a mere $12. With a price tag like that, it’d only take a few hours of panhandling outside of a McDonalds to accumulate the ...

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The Last HOPE: Holy Shit, That’s A Lot of Sliders

On Sunday, nearly all the LEGOs were gone. Needless to say, we were heartbroken, but then we came upon this redeeming build. A construct of White Castle slider boxes. What do you think it is? We have no idea. One thing is for certain, we’re getting a Crave Case for dinner tonight.

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Build A Robot For $50

If cheap thrills and teenage kicks are right up your alley, you may be interested in this tutorial that shows you how to build a robot for $50. The kind of robot you can get for a measly $50 is actually pretty cool. It will stay inside a patch of sun and move around randomly until it’s brought out of ...

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DIY: Arduino XPort Shield Build

If you’ve got soldering skills and you dabble in the Arduino programming language, this add-on will allow Internet access to your Arduino via Ethernet. This will allow you to check your email, your Tumblr and lots of other stuff the government won’t allow me to tell you. DailyDIY provides step-by-step instructions for this simple build for the novice solderer. Remember, ...

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