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Book Review: Inside Larry and Sergey’s Brain

I was recently sent a copy of Richard L. Brandt’s “Inside Larry and Sergey’s Brain,” a book which attempts to delve into the inner circle of two of the most hermetic CEOs in tech, exploring the path of Google’s evolution and the company’s meteoric success in the process. The book provides some insight into one of the most close-knit triangles ...

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Geek Book Review: Why Does E=mc2? (and Why Should We Care?)

The fine gents over at De Capo Press were nice enough to send me a review copy of “Why Does E=mc2? (and Why Should We Care)” by renowned physicists Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw. Cox and Forshaw attempt to accomplish what Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan attempted decades ago. And that is to make physics, and specifically, Einstein’s theory of ...

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