Book Review: Inside Larry and Sergey’s Brain


I was recently sent a copy of Richard L. Brandt’s “Inside Larry and Sergey’s Brain,” a book which attempts to delve into the inner circle of two of the most hermetic CEOs in tech, exploring the path of Google’s evolution and the company’s meteoric success in the process. The book provides some insight into one of the most close-knit triangles in tech history between Larry Page, Sergey Brin and the slightly more social CEO Eric Schmidt.

Rather than personally analyzing the two men (though there is a fair share of personal analysis,) Brandt delves into the men’s business ethos and the culture built behind the company. Much of the information presented is history which can be read else ware, though Brandt collects a series of public and private accounts into a chronological internet fairy tale. What I found the most interesting were the peeks into the psyche of Larry and Sergey and the view we receive of these two men’s vast influence of the internet. I highly recommend this title to anyone interested in learning more about the culture of Google and how Larry and Sergey’s personalities have come to shape that culture into what we know as Google today.

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