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The Bong Mask is the Next Step in Pot Smoking Technology

Greetings “medicinal” marijuana “patients.” Have you been looking for a better way of ingesting every last puff of “medicine” that escapes your bong? The Bong Mask straps across your face and surrounds your respiratory system with sweet, sweet pain relief. Now all we need is intravenous cookie dough and we’re good to go. Get your own from Thanko for around ...

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The Computer Bong: Hardware You Can Smoke

Somebody’s finally up and done it. The YaHookah is a computer (or at least what used to be described as a computer) you can literally smoke, smoke until you’re damn near dead. And the creator didn’t stop there. He was generous enough to write up a step-by-step DIY project over at Instructables, so you can be smoking from the comfort ...

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NeoSun Looks Futuristic, Tans Your Body

Those of you who don’t read our site every day probably have a decent tan since you go outside a lot. It probably covers those beautiful thighs, calves, chest and face of yours. But it can be hard keeping your tan uniform with the Sun always changing directions and doing shit like that. I mean come on, all you’re asking ...

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Sony Sountina Glass Speakers Double as a Bong

Sony’s latest prototype speaker, the Sountina, has finally arrived on store shelves. Besides its awkward shape and size, the main selling-point is the transparent organic glass tube which vibrates and expands sound to 360-degrees. In the guise of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s bong, this speaker has a larger price tag than any glass piece used for tobacco purposes only. If you can ...

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