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Stuff You Probably Didn’t Know About Bacon (Infographic)

While my tongue might be more acquainted with bacon then any body part should healthily be, I have to admit, my knowledge of bacon history, lore and trivia had been lacking. One of the many reasons I love the medium of infographics is the bite-sized pieces of information in provides. For example, I can read a fact, which in turn ...

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How to Make a Proper BLT Sandwich

Or a BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBLT as it were. First, apply spread. Second, carefully place two slices of fresh tomato and crisp lettuce. Third, and maybe most important, pour a bowl containing 10 lbs. of perfectly fried bacon on to the sandwich and cover with the other piece of bread. The last step is pretty self-explanatory. I’ll give you a hint. It starts ...

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The Pig Phone: OM NOM OINK NOM

The Hamburger Phone which appeared in the movie Juno caused quite a stir among meat enthusiast everywhere, but what about a pre-cooked version of one of our favorite meats. The Pig Phone makes us crave for a slice of crispy bacon.

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