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Potato Chip Necklace

Bitches! I’m eatin’ chips I’m gettin’ salty You wanna steal my Lays, better make sure my security system is faulty Throw ’em on the neck Throw ’em on the neck Potato chips be danglin’ and nobody frontin’ on my styles Droppin’ mad cash Fifty dollar sack Gotta keep my cred up and my carbs down, motherfuckers! Link [via]

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Luvaglio Million Dollar Laptop is overpriced

UK luxury firm Luvaglio has released some pictures of its Million Dollar Laptop. Honestly, I wouldn’t care if this thing was covered in diamonds. For a million bucks, this thing better have a mind control device or some shit. The Million Dollar Laptop comes with a diamond encrusted power button, a 17-in backlit screen with a special non-reflecive coating, a ...

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Be the king of bling with the Hublot Million Dollar Watch

Yo, dawg. We gots a question for y’all homeboys. Is there such thing as too much bling? Normally that answer would be, “Umm, we don’t think so, but ask Lil’ John.” But this addition to the Hublot series of Big Bang watches makes us believe that there is indeed the possibility to have to much ice around your wrist. With ...

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Touchmate TM-M800G Diamond Cam Mobile is pretty in gold, handsome in silver

Aye caramba! More expensive crap we’ll never be able to afford for our girlfriends. The Touchmate TM-M800 cellphone is encased in gold and boasts Swarovski Crystal diamond that is only beautiful enough for the most beautiful and gracious of woman. This phone is the bling phone for woman. Besides its luxurious skin, its innards are made of the usual suspects. ...

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Sarcar Solitaire Watch: Talk about BLING!

Jay-Z is going to want some of this ice. This Sarcar Solitaire watch integrates a nauseating amount of diamonds. A beautiful bezel one carat diamond revolves around a diamond ring, coated with a track of even more diamonds. Which is then laid on the face plate of even MORE diamonds. And so on and so forth. The watch strap is ...

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