Luvaglio Million Dollar Laptop is overpriced


UK luxury firm Luvaglio has released some pictures of its Million Dollar Laptop. Honestly, I wouldn’t care if this thing was covered in diamonds. For a million bucks, this thing better have a mind control device or some shit. The Million Dollar Laptop comes with a diamond encrusted power button, a 17-in backlit screen with a special non-reflecive coating, a 128 GB solid state hard drive, a Blu-Ray dive, and built in USB memory and MP3 player. The laptop will be precision made with the finest precious metals, leathers, and woods.

Are the specs impressive? Definitely. Are they worth a million dollars? Hell no! Give me $750,000 and I’ll make the same thing for you for 25% less. No laptop should ever be more expensive than $5,000. Luvaglio is just being greedy. I would much rather spend it on this Million Dollar Hublot watch covered in bling. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. I can not agree with you. In case of the million dollar laptop, nobody thinks if the hardware is a space technology coated with ultrarare materials forged on the moon or anything. Of course it does not worth a million dollar and the manufacturing price of the product is far below 100k. If anyone buys it, ever, they will buy it because it costs a million dollar, not because of the specification. This is so simple. This is why most of the luxury products products are sold.. take rolex as an example. If you have an original rolex it represents the wealth and lifestyle associated with the product. This is just an other aspect of the same market.

  2. These Rich people must not have nothing else to spend there money on wow. I think laptops shouldn’t go pass the price of 2k dollars but gold and diamonds and wood dose it come with a toilet or a toilet paper holder now that’s worth about a…

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