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Give yourself a hand with FreeHand

Remember back in the dark ages when fanny packs were the trendy method of thingamabob carrying? We shudder to bring back those memories. Thankfully, a new device is letting us further forget about that dreaded waist hugger. FreeHand is a fanny pack for your wrist, or at least that’s the easiest way to describe it. FreeHand gives you an extra ...

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New BlackBerry 8800 is full-sized Pearl

The BlackBerry Pearl sure was pretty, wasn’t it? Now the newly revealed BlackBerry 8800 from RIM takes that special design centerpiece (the scrolling ball) and puts it into a full size BlackBerry. The 8800 has a full keyboard with one button per letter, which is the way it should be. Sorry, no camera. RIM is probably sick of the random ...

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BlackBerry Pearl comes to Cingular

The BlackBerry Pearl has redefined our thoughts of what eye candy should be. It’s slim design combined with the large beautiful screen cause one to think “iPod who?” Fortunately for Cingular customers, the BlackBerry Pearl has officially been released and is now available for anyone to buy. The Pearl is currently listed at $200 with a 2 year contract or ...

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