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No Girls Allowed: Table Turns Into A Secret Fort

Back in the day, building a fort was as easy as grabbing a few blankets or sheets and throwing them over the nearest table. POW! Instant imaginary fun. Nowadays, they take all the fun out of actually building the fort and integrate the walls right into the tables. The Daily Shelter table transforms from a dining-room surface into a fort-sized ...

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You Are Here Umbrella Helps Big Brother Follow Your Location

I’m not typically the paranoid type, but using an umbrella that encourages tracking is not usually my bag, baby. But at least you’ll never truly lose your place again. The You Are Here Umbrella gives Google Earth a nice target to help you locate your global position. If you’re lost in a mall parking lot and have a few spare ...

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Moth Torture Unveiled By Paranoid Scientists

Much of the newest level of Big Brother-type surveillance seems overly paranoid for my taste, and this just takes it to a whole new level of suspicion. Scientists at Georgia Tech have been dabbling with an idea which is the best thing since Bird’s Ass View. The prospect of producing cyborg SpyBot moth’s, which are implanted with surveillance equipment in ...

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