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Obama Penny Bank: Change We Can Count

During Obama’s months of campaigning for the presidency of the United States, he spoke of change. Change we can believe in. I say, the last thing we need is more change. I have way too much spare change as it is. The Obama Bank provides a place to keep all of your spare change. Finally, spare change you can believe ...

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Celebrity Twitter Accounts Hacked

Yesterday morning, the Fox News Twitter account posted breaking news that Bill O Riley is gay. To me this is no new news at all but to everyone else this comes as a complete surprise. It turns out that several celebrities have had their Twitter accounts hijacked, accompanied of course by phony posts desecrating their “good” name. Among the victims ...

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Mercenaries 2 DLC: Palin And Obama Skins

Finally, a reason to give Mercenaries 2 some play time. The most mediocre game, ever, gets a spice of color and “maverickism,” with the ability to take both Sarah Palin and Barack Obama into the field of battle. Hijack tanks, blow up choppers and even slaughter civilians as your favorite Democratic or Republican presidential candidate. Palin’s facial expressions denote a ...

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Obama’s Hittin’ The Digital Streets Of Paradise City

Barack Obama is taking his campaign to the virtual space that is gaming in an attempt to appeal to gamers everywhere. The Obama campaign has purchased space in Madden NFL ’09 and nine other titles from Electronic Arts. Only ten states will be able to see the ads (once updated through Xbox’s Internet service): Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Montana, North ...

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