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Carcade Raises Accident Awareness

The ultimate gaming rig has now become your car. It doesn’t sport the powerhouse graphics offered by the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 nor the gimmicky bullshit that encompasses the Nintendo Wii, but it does have a cool name: the Carcade. Students at the Berlin University of the Arts designed this “augmented reality in-car videogame” which utilizes a laptop and ...

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Nissan’s New Bot Prevents Collisions

Thanks to Nissan’s Biomimetic Robot Car (BR23C), crash test dummies could find themselves out of a job. Having been compared to R2-D2 (but bearing no resemblance whatsoever), the BR23C will not maintain your car like a mechanic would, rather, it will play the part of backseat driver. The robot is the “poster-bot” for Nissan’s new crash prevention technology. Drawing upon ...

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