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Ferrari Now Offering iPod Touch-based Audio System

It’d be super nice if we could all afford a $277,000 Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M, but alas, the world is completely unfair. It’s unfair because despite Ferrari offering up a limited run of 499 of these Spiders, its new iPod Touch dock will cost extra. The 16GB Touch will feature custom Ferrari sounds and themes, as it’s the usual practice ...

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ExhaustBurger Is A Biological Horror

I don’t care how much heat is wasted through the exhaust pipe, I refuse to eat a burger which is cooked using the heat and fumes from my automobiles excrements. The ExhaustBurger was shown off at the Dining In 2015 exhibit. My love for meat holds almost no limits. I would use a burger as my phone. I might even ...

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BMW designs a business jet

The only people that will probably be passengers for the new 787 business jet are the same people that can afford BMW’s automobiles. Meaning, not me. Most likely not you either. But honestly, I envy those guys. They get to travel around and see the world, all in the luxury of BMW beauty. The BMW 787 will contain white leather ...

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Retro Rewind: The 1924 electric car

If you’re reading this, odds are that you weren’t alive to see how early of a jump people got on creating environmentally friendly cars. The pictured article was published in the April 1924 issue of Popular Mechanics. While the motive behind the article was most likely for sales reasons and a certain “cool” factor and not for the post-discovered global ...

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