RelayRides: Rent Your Car to Someone Who Needs It, Make Extra Cash


In this economy, with these gas prices, not many people can afford to own their own car. For many, it’s an unnecessary expense. Unnecessary most of the time at least. But there is always going to be a time where you need to travel further then your legs or public transportation can bring you.

RelayRides is an online service that hooks-up car owners with people who need a car part-time. The average car owner makes $250 per month on the site simply loaning out their car to locals. And rest assured, the drivers renting your car aren’t psychopaths. There is a pretty intense screening process to weed out the crazies.

On average, your car will just sit around for 92% of the time. Why not put it to use and make some cash? So your car might wind up wrapped around a tree. Big deal!


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