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Scandal!: “Steve Knew” Tune In Tommorow For Apple’s Tell-All Presser

Scandal. Outrage. Schadenfreude. All words easily used to describe Apple’s little iPhone 4 situation. Rumors today suggested that Steve Jobs was well aware of the iPhone 4’s reception issues, possibly as early as last year in the very early design stages of the device’s development, thanks to a heady antennae expert by the name of Ruben Caballero. A “carrier partner” ...

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Apple Holds the iPhone 4 Wrong Too

We do as we’re taught Great Leader Jobs. Maybe it only works properly for dudes with perfectly unblemished digits? God, I’m sorry I’m not perfect like one of your hand models. This is exactly what leads people to handarexia. Link

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Intel’s Metro Notebook concept for the fashionable urbanite

Intel has some pretty cool stuff up their sleeves as of late. This “Metro Notebook” concept is Intel’s attempt at creating a restyled, ultra-slim and ultra-light laptop that takes into consideration, the young urbanites need for class and style. The sub-0.7 thick, 1 kg sized Metro has an outside display built into the back of the monitor which serves as ...

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