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I Never Forget an Ear: Airport Security to Integrate Ear Scanning Technology

Sure, fingerprints and facial recognition are all well and good, but there’s always some sort of catch. Fingerprints and faces change with age and wrinkling, but researchers believe that ears are a different story. Pretty much from birth, ear shape remains consistent and is about as unique as a fingerprint. “There are a whole load of structures in the ear ...

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Suitcase Stickers: The Easy Way to Encourage a Strip Search

So you’ve had your eye on a certain special female airport security guard for quite a while now, but every attempt at making conversation has ended in utter defeat. Yeah, right, she has “work to do.” We’ve heard that one before. But she’ll have no choice but to fondle us now. Suitcase Stickers add a healthy hint of that bad ...

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RFID Passports: Are They Secure?

Need even more proof that RFID doesn’t improve security? According to a group of hackers who bypassed an ePassport RFID authentication at an Amsterdam airport, RFID passports aren’t as secure as people think. Using software to design custom identities as well as convincing scanners to accept fabricated RFID chips, the hackers got around security without raising suspicion. They used an ...

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Airport Network Hack Launches The Revolution

Whenever I arrive at an airport, I need to get online right away. It’s not enough they’re overcharging me for my ticket, now they want to charge me $7 for 24 hours of internet. My next flight is in three hours, what could I possibly need 24 hours of internet for. What a rip-off. Thanks to Felix Geisend�rfer of debuggable.com, ...

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LiveLuggage Makes Transporting Entire Wardrobe An Ease

No one likes hauling ridiculously heavy bags around the airport. LiveLuggage’s Power Assisted series uses a special wheel to make your traveling a heck of a lot more lightweight. This luggage is designed to distribute 85% of the total weight directly upon the wheels, making you feel you’re only carrying a fraction of it. The intelligent torque control powers the ...

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Bluebird Keeps An Eye On Your Luggage

Waiting in the airport for your luggage to sail down the assembly line is both suspenseful and boring. Seeing that your luggage is safe and intact is great, but the wait time is boring as hell, especially if your suitcase is your place to sit. The Bluebird concept from Nate Lynch keeps your luggage communicating with your phone via Bluetooth ...

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