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Make Your Own Bottle Cap Camera Tripod

You probably wouldn’t believe us if we didn’t have the photographic proof to back it up, but empty soda bottles actually make pretty effective tripods on-the-cheap. While there are gadgets actually made to turn soda bottles into functioning tripods, there is an even easier and cheaper way just to do it yourself, which is so much more fun anyway. You’ll ...

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NoPattern Skate Decks

Colors and vectors and shapes, oh my! Chuck Anderson’s creations for NoPattern’s decks are incredible. Looking more like vector-based wallpaper for your computer than a skateboard deck, Anderson clearly pulled out the big guns for this series. At $55, they’re priced to move and will most likely sell out unless you hop all over ’em like a jackrabbit. Just don’t ...

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Omnibot2007 i-Sobot: World’s smallest humanoid walking robot affordable, pocketable and available

Robots are relatively unpopular objects to crave for, they’re too huge, too expensive and you wouldn’t know what-the-heck-is-going-on in the industry most of the time. Takara-TOMY’s new Omnibot2007 i-Sobot is the world’s smallest humanoid (2 legs) walking robot, and the best part is its price: $312, comparing to robots of its same class that usually cost $1000 at least. The ...

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