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Citrus-Powered Clock Saves Electricity, Wastes Lemons

This clock burns with the power of lemons. No, really. This is a digital clock that is powered by citric acid. The wood plank has two spikes of copper and zinc built into it. Put half of a lemon on each spike and be amazed at how it runs on a single lemon for an entire week. It’s magic. Looking ...

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Take a peek at this psychedelic time lapse video of various molds and mushrooms. It’s complete with techno music that’s sure to make your hallucinogenic experience one to be remembered.� Remember folks, eat fungus responsibly; there is no telling what could happen. Link (via)

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Where The Hell Am I Going To Put This Thing

Straight out of the Beetlejuice film comes Dust Furniture, an acid-trip take on real furniture except for one thing: you can’t put books on it. Well, certain shelves seem straight but if you check out the gallery there are tons of these designs which aren’t practical shelving space.� That’s alright though, as Dust Furniture is completely for show. Having guests ...

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