Syncing Your Garage Door to Your Phone Does More Than You Think

Did you know that the number of smart homes is expected to double between now and the year 2023?

The adoption is expected to pick up more momentum as the technology evolves from the current ‘nice-to-have’ state to a more consumer-urgent ‘must-have’ status. There are some who feel that smart home tech is not quite there yet.

If you’re not ready to invest in an entire home, maybe you should consider talking to the residential garage door experts about a smart garage. It can add a surprising amount of convenience to your home, while remaining unobtrusive and affordable.


Here’s how.

More Security 

You know that a Wi-Fi enabled garage door can be controlled by a mobile app. However, you may not realize the difference that can make in your everyday life. Yes, you can open and close your garage using your phone. So what? What does that really mean? Well, the first thing it means is an added level of security for your home.

Most people never think of the potential security vulnerabilities that their garage may have whether it’s a smart home or more conventional. If a thieve can open your garage door, they may now have completely unencumbered access to your home.

This is why garage door remotes are a hot commodity and frequent target for thieves. Leaving your garage door opener remote in your car is basically leaving a spare set of keys in plain view. However, if you use your smartphone as your garage door remote, it comes inside with you and it is never much further than an arm’s reach away.

No More Missed Deliveries

Having a modern garage door opener also means you also don’t have to worry about bad weather or “porch pirates” when you’re expecting an Amazon delivery.

Syncing your garage door opener with Amazon Key Garage means an Amazon employee can leave your package inside of your garage, out of the snow/rain and out of the reach of thieves.

Amazon had previously tried a different version of this by getting their employees to unlock the front door and leave packages just inside the entrance area. However, a lot of people found this intrusive and creepy. Leaving packages in the garage seems like a happy medium.

More Peace of Mind

Using your phone as your garage door remote also means you will never have that moment of panic when you’re out of town or at work and wonder, “Did I remember to lock the garage?” You can check the status and lock/unlock in a few quick taps.

This also means you monitor the garage door activity. You can look in to double-check that the kids got home from school safely. You can also receive mobile alerts if any unauthorized personnel try to open your door.

These are only a few of the things that a smart garage door can add to your home and your lifestyle. Once you experience the convenience and peace of mind for yourself, you may wonder what you ever did without one.  

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