StickerRide: The New Interactive Brand Advertising Channel


As brands continually seek for better advertising channels, there will always be new innovations designed to address the problem. Car advertising is one fine example of outdoor advertising favored by many popular brands. Unfortunately, car ads have always been difficult to monitor or track. It has always been a tough call to even come up with a good price structure for car ads due to the lack of analytics. It is virtually impossible to determine the target audience outreach, or even do a cost-benefit analysis of car ads that would measure the efficiency of a given car ad campaign against the overall costs of the campaign. Advertisers simply set a fixed price for each vehicle in a given campaign, and leave the rest to fate, and to the driver’s need for movement of course. If all went well, a client’s ads could appear anywhere including on an old dirty automobile, effectively causing more damage than good to a premium brand.

Outdoor advertising has always remained static despite the rapid advances in technology taking place in other forms of advertising. Outdoor advertising’s reluctance to evolve can be attributed to the fact that it is often difficult to personalize. For instance, car advertising has remained in its dormancy due to the lack of digital tracking tools. This is where StickerRide comes in. So what is StickerRide?


StickerRide is a digital solution to all the tracking and monitoring challenges that previously plagued the car ads industry. It is a mobile application that connects brands with drivers from a single easy-to-use advertising platform. It helps create measurable on-vehicle advertising opportunities. StickerRide combines digital technology and outdoor advertising to create brand ambassadors willing to advertise and recommend their favorite brands to large audiences.

For the first time, brands using car ads can enjoy wide noticeable coverage, real-time analytics, and the benefits of digital mechanics thanks to StickerRide. This innovative advertising platform has transformed the offline advertising market into an effective and interactive channel that is as good as the online platform.

The idea behind StickerRide is quite simple. Once a driver selects an advertising campaign and installs the relevant stickers, he or she starts earning points for every mile travelled. Drivers can even increase their earnings by joining quests and flash mobs. StickerRide will handle all the digital and tracking demands of each campaign. It will create sticker designs, campaigns for each brand, and launch the campaign in a mobile app. All a driver has to do is choose a favorite brand, install the sticker, and start driving to earn points.

The brand will benefit from having hundreds of ambassadors in different corners of the city and still manage to get real-time tracking reports of their campaigns. StickerRide has already been used in Europe with great success. It was used to generate hype for the movie The Avengers in Moscow, Russia generating over 91 million impression opportunities from stickers installed on 115 cars. The app, available in both iOS and Android, transforms drivers from moving brands to enthusiastic and committed brand ambassadors.

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