How is Gambling TV Advertising Having an Effect?


Poker, Bingo & Casino companies have attacked our screens recently. Furthermore, is there any good reason why they wouldn’t? We all appreciate a little flutter though don’t we? Be that as it may, once in a while we require a little push to have a bet and help the gambling clubs’ offers along.

More than often when you are sat at home on an evening of even in the daytime when watching TV its hard to watch a string of adverts  without seeing one for butlers bingo or even Spin Palace casino. Astonishingly the facts and figures reflect this observation Ofcom research has found 1.39m gambling ads ran in UK last year, compared with 234,000 in 2007 when sector was deregulated.  This means TV gambling ads have risen 600% since law change.

Maybe a glowing example of these types of adverts is Jeremy Kyle. This show is sponsored by foxy but it’s worth raising the question is this right? Quite a lot of the contestants are on the show because they have gambling addictions yet the interludes are full of advertisements for gambling platforms, ironic isn’t it.

Media regulator Ofcom published research, which signified that TV viewers were bombarded with 1.39m gambling ads alone last year, with under-16s exposed to an average of 211 ads each. Could this be a reason for more gambling addictions? Do people really pay attention to this sort of thing? There are many questions raised from TV advertising gambling platforms.

Back in 2007, somewhere in the range of 234,000 betting promotions were set live on the TV– two years before that the figure was only 90,000. This rose to 537,000 in 2008 after the business sector was changed liberalized in fact.

Ofcom pointed out that somewhere around 2005 and 2012, a period that has seen noteworthy development in the quantity of computerized TV channels accessible to viewers, the aggregate sum of TV promoting broadcast appointment likewise multiplied from 17.4m to 34.2m spots. Over this period the extent of plugs represented by betting promotions ascended from 0.5% to 4.1% of all TV advertising.

Moreover it’s the way that these promotions are frequently seen by susceptible youngsters. The controller’s figures demonstrate that while grown-ups saw a normal of 630 betting promotions on TV a year ago, kids aged 4 to 15 saw 211. That is 211 too much, particularly when the advertisements utilize cartoons like creatures to advance the thought that betting is entertaining.

Ultimately, it’s not in our control and all we can do is watch and learn from these figures and statistics. What do you think and how do you think TV ads have an affect?

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