Steampunk Iron Man Costume

This Steampunk Iron Man Costume has me in a dilemma. My first thought when I saw this was that I would love to see Steampunk Iron Man take on Sherlock Holmes in a good old fashion fight to the death. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the underlying Victorian style of both characters. But then I realized this dream would never come to fruition, at least without the technology to instantly clone Robert Downey Jr.

That being said, this aged bronze-like costume destroyed the competition at the Marvel Costume Contest held at New York Comic Con 2010. But is that really a surprise? Just look at it. Really. Take a good look at it and try to tell me you’re not aroused.


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  1. The man behind the mask is Matt Silva. The suit actually originates from a short film I did, Heartless The Story of the Tin Man, with a Company called Whitestone Motion Pictures. The Original format was again that of the Tin Man, The Tin Man Suit was Designed by Bill Johnson, then sculpted by he and Matt Silva. After all that the two of them and myself and Johnathon Thorton came in to help mold, cast, and paint the Tin Man. The total time for the build of the Tin Man suit was about 2 weeks with mainly Bill, Johnathon, and Matt working around the clock. The Iron Man you see here is Matt�s modified remake of that same suit. The paint scheme and paint job where all of Matt�s design, and the lower torso and helmet are both heavily remastered versions built off the original. Check out the following people to see their amazing work
    Whitestone-(Makers of the Film Heartless)

    Bill Johnson(Original Tinman Suit Designer and Dept Head)

    And Matt�s work at

    Thanks so much for your support and compliments, The suit still has much room for improvement so keep your eyes peeled for future attempts!

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