Starcraft Cake: Have Your Zerg and Eat Them Too


Mmm… Starcraft cake. It looks tasily Zergalicious. This custom Starcraft cake was handmade by some Blizzard fanatic’s awesome girlfriend. Take our advice. Don’t let this chick go.

So, would a hatchery taste sort of like caviar? How does that work?


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  1. Awesome! That is cool Thanks for sharing ! bob, @ Gadget Shop

  2. my girlfriend did not prepare it 😛 😀

  3. hey im in a contest to win a beta key and i need to bake a sc themed cake i would really really appreciate it if you could give me the recipe and instructions if you still remember them or a link if you got of the internet.


    [email protected]

  4. Being a girl, I love Valentines Day.

    Being a Starcraft player, I love Zerg. I dont just love, I live for the swarm. ^^

    Ever since I saw a cake that I saw on this article many years ago on this site.

    I always wondered, wow, there is no way I would get such a cake..

    (I mean, seriously, everytime I looked at this cake, I pondered the day I’d see another well-made zerg cake)

    So here’s what happened:

    I’m sitting in my office, it is right around 3pm, I’m the only girl in my office so my co-workers kinda treat this as a regular day, but running through my mind.. no chocolates, flowers, even a card from my boyfriend back in Korea.

    He’s actually trying to convince me that Valentines Day is a commercial day, and totally putting me in a non-v-day mood. He’s skyping me about how today the Ferris wheel was invented today…. Yesterday, he said if he ordered chocolates on ebay, they may not come in time… I’m thinking, Im getting wine tonight, lots of it.

    Then, a young lady walked through our door, who I’ve seen before, looking for Travis, my boyfriend, and has a box in her hands, and Im thinking “did she get something for my boyfriend?”

    Then she walks over and sits on my desk, and Im thinking, okay, if she asks me where Travis is, I may just punch her.

    Right when my spirits are in the gutter and I want to rip the arms and legs off of every little stuffed bear, I see in the corner of the white box, ‘to: Jenny’ and ‘from:Travis’.

    She opens the box, and at first I think its a chocolate fruit cake, and Im a little shocked already, but then I look closer and O M G it’s a Hydralisk holding a heart !!

    I’m fucking speechless and almost tear up, its the most beautiful cake I have EVER SEEN!

    I wanted to share this cake with you guys because it’s not only a Zerg Cake, but it’s a Valentine Zerg Cake and looks AMAZING! Enough said, heres the link to my facebook if you guys want to check it out:

    It’d be awesome if you guys can post this because the cake was actually well made and deserves credit, and, I think it tops the cake I had seen many years ago 😉

    My main purpose of writing to you guys is to just spread the love of Starcraft and Zerg fans. Spread love by spreading creep.

    Yours truly,

  5. Hey Jenny,

    It was so nice to read your lovely story and we are more than happy that Gearfuse got some credit for it 🙂

    It looks like you have a loving, caring, fun loving and wonderful boyfriend. We hope and pray that you stay happy and cheerful with him forever. God bless you and Travis!!

    Keep visiting Gearfuse!!

    Gearfuse Team

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