Sputnik Lamp: Light Bulbs Upon Light Bulbs

Are traditional lighting fixtures just not cutting the mustard for your interior decor? Chromochrome mood lighting not your style? You need something really geektastic to light up that big ole’ man cave of yours, and Pacman just doesn’t float our battleship like it used too. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous Sputnick Lamp which is pretty much a spiky sphere composed of a multitude of light bulbs.

Designed by Henrik Klug, the Sputnik lives up to its namesake by resembling a fragment of beauty that fell from the heavens. If God was in the lighting fixture business, this would surely be one of his models. But then he’d probably have to uninvent bats, sledgehammers, little kids and paintball guns because this has to be one of the most fragile pieces of lighting I’ve ever set my eyes on, and I’ve seen a chandelier made out of fricken’ gummy bears.

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