Spotlight: Allied Mobility, Selling Cars And Vehicles For the Disabled

Once in a while you run across a company that is doing something pretty incredible, Allied Mobility is one of those companies. So today, we want to deviate from the norm and share a little about this company and what they do and maybe, that can be an answer for someone in your life.

Allied Mobility

Allied Mobility is a UK based company dedicated to developing and selling adapted and special purpose vehicles for the disabled.

Here at Gear Fuse we often highlight the fancy sports cars and new tech advances in the auto industry, but today we’re highlighting Allied Mobility for a different reason. Allied is dedicated to providing mobility solutions to those who face limited options due to disabilities. Instead of focusing on installing the hottest speaker system, Allied Mobility focuses on designing safe and secure modified vehicles around the individual needs of those facing disability.

We tip our hats to this incredible company dedicated to making a difference.

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