Sound Stage X1: Home theater TV stand for the lazy man

Everything is being produced and sold in such compact packages now. It’s truly the time of the mash-up, as the Evesham Sound Stage X1 proves. It’s hard to tell whether this TV stand / home theater hybrid was made as a cool gadget or a device for people to lazy to get off their asses. Possibly both reasons apply.

The Sound Stage X1 is a stand which packs in the complete home theater studio system into its design. Included in the X1 is a 50W subwoofer and 8 satellite speakers. A amplifier and sound processor are included for sound clarity. Does it make us popcorn too?

The X1 uses your walls to bounce sound around for a surround sound experience acheived by other high-end theater systems. We are skeptical to believe the quality is as good as others and if you happen to be very picky about your sound, you’re almost suer to notice a difference.

The stand is available for ¬£299.98. TV not included of course. — Andrew Dobrow

Evesham Sound Stage X1 Product Page [Lowest On Web, via Coolest Gadgets]

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