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WoW meets Right Said Fred in the ultimate gaming mash-up

[ev type=”youtube” data=”ePx57vkg5zI”][/ev] Are you a fan of MMORPGs and cheesy yuppie music? Then look no further. This video mash-up features both. While you’re waiting for WoW to come back up from its scheduled down time, give this a look. Watch as a clever human WoW character displays his moves on this hilariously well done music video featuring the best ...

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Sound Stage X1: Home theater TV stand for the lazy man

Everything is being produced and sold in such compact packages now. It’s truly the time of the mash-up, as the Evesham Sound Stage X1 proves. It’s hard to tell whether this TV stand / home theater hybrid was made as a cool gadget or a device for people to lazy to get off their asses. Possibly both reasons apply. The ...

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