Sony’s new Walkman media players


Sony has revealed some new photos of their new Walkman NWD-B100 Mp3 players. The new Walkman device is a portable USB stick design, with a three line display and a lightweight 30g body.

The B100 will come in two flavors, 1 GB and 2 GB, with the option of an FM transmitter added in. The B100 devices will also come with two different recording options, one for voice recording with a on-board mic, and one for recording live radio. They will also support a very easy drag-and-drop interface for those who are confused with the iTunes interface. A playback time of 12 hours and a 6-mode EQ wrap up the package. Prices will be 1GB versions at $48 and $62 with radio, and the 2GB versions will be $62 and $76 with radio. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. hey Andrew, it will be my honor if you can tell me that how can I charge this mp3 player with my Laptop..I mean I had remain no charging…It turned-Off…I put it in my Laptop I tried to Open it…but that didn’t work..i wish if u can help me out..
    ‘ thanks…

    Arsh 🙂

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