Sony’s leather-bound designer eBook adds limited edition class to a blank template

sony leather ebook

Looking forward to Valentine’s day, Sony has announced its limited edition Dooney & Bourke leather-bound PRS-500U2DB  portable reader. This  eBook  has all of the same specs as the normal Sony Reader, except for its textured leather cover and exorbitant price.

The eBook will also be shipped in a special edition red box packaging, adding those little touches to make your loved ones bow down to you with thankfulness. There are thousands of books available to download through Sony, so no matter what reading level or genre fan your signifigant other has, they’ll be able to find material that interests them.

With its paper like display, you’ll find it pleasing to the eye and not overbearing or blurry like other eBooks on the market. And for a price of $500, you shouldn’t expect any less. Even more cool is that now you can read PDF and .doc files as well as uploaded blogs, view pictures, and listen to MP3s on your eBook for those long waits in line or at the airport. You can only buy them from Sony up until Febuary 9th, so get it early or you’ll be hunting eBay. — Andrew Dobrow

SonyStyle Dooney & Bourke Limited Edition Portable Reader PRS-500U2DB [via Reg Hardware]

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