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Will Apple Be Allowing Access To Amazon e-Books?

iPad Mini

Last month brought a not so surprising verdict when a U.S. district court found Apple guilty of being in cahoots with e-book publishers to fix e-book pricing. Well now it seems that the hammer has come down and the verdict is not one that Apple is going to like... The Department of Justice and 33 state attorney generals have submitted a proposal that recommends termination of publisher agreements that Apple has had in place since the iPad launched.

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Smell of Books: The Cure for Print Withdrawal

I’m sort of worried that if I invest so much money in a Kindle, I’m going to have some serious tactile and olfactory withdrawal. And I don’t think I’m along. We need to feel the book in our hands and smell the scent that only a newly cracked-open book can emit. “Smell of Books” aerosol spray allows you to simulate ...

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Amazon Kindle 2 Has Hidden SIM Card Slot

We haven’t been talking about the Amazon Kindle 2 a lot. Know why? Because everyone and their mother has been talking about it. Jeff Bezos was even on The Colbert Report shilling his new eBook reader. Interestingly, though, when the boys at iFixIt cracked open a brand new Kindle 2, they found a surprise waiting inside. See that circled area ...

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Amazon Unveils Kindle 2

Do you read books? Excellent, but what about e-Books? They’re like books, except they are electronic. Don’t you understand the paradigm here? Get with the 21st century, McFly! Yesterday morning, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the Kindle 2. It’s better than the original Kindle and just as expensive, costing $359 which will ensure it doesn’t sell like hotcakes. Here’s the ...

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MPNavi Tomato U7 gives you a 1.6″ screen to read ebooks

Useless features are what sell products, right? Probably not, but no one ever told the folks at MPNavi about that little fact. Their new Tomato U7 it quite small, and looks nothing like a tomato (thank god), but let’s have a rundown of features. It has a voice recorder, FM tuner, e-book reader, equalizer, photo album, games, and supports MP3, ...

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Canon released portable electronic dictionaries w/ MP3 playback

Canon has released two new electronic dictionaries to ease your spelling problems. The Wordtank M300 and the Wordtank V300 also have the ability to playback your MP3s. So while an iPod or some other portable audio device probably does the job better, this can serve as a quick alternative. Seeing as these are first dictionaries and second audio players, the ...

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Sony’s leather-bound designer eBook adds limited edition class to a blank template

Looking forward to Valentine’s day, Sony has announced its limited edition Dooney & Bourke leather-bound PRS-500U2DB  portable reader. This  eBook  has all of the same specs as the normal Sony Reader, except for its textured leather cover and exorbitant price. The eBook will also be shipped in a special edition red box packaging, adding those little touches to make your ...

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