Sony Unveils Two Unique Digital Cameras

Sony is known for its Cybershot line of digital cameras. They tend to be priced high and offer fantastic image quality and usability. One thing that’s still odd though is how Sony is still using memory cards for storage. With the price of solid state memory going down and increased storage capacity, the age of the memory card is slowly coming to an end. Enter the Cybershot T700.

It’s super thin at only 16.4mm thick and features a big 3.5-inch LCD. It comes in pink and graphite and each camera packs a bunch of features like face detection, etc. The coup de grace? A whopping 4GB of internal storage so you never need to “lose” a memory card again. On the other hand, if you lose the transfer cable, you’re shit out of luck. Expect the T700 to launch in September.


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