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sony mylo

There are some places where lugging your laptop around with you isn’t appropriate. Church for example. Funerals are another no no. So what are we to use when we are in these situations, but don’t want to sacrifice our wireless communication? Ding, ding, ding…you guessed right…the Mylo. This Sony gadget bring’s along some cool features, and looks pretty cool as well. Read more for details and thoughts.


  • Skype, Google Talk, and Yahoo Messenger
  • Opera web browser
  • 320 �240 2.4\” screen
  • 802.11b Connection
  • Slide-out Querty Keyboard
  • fText Editor
  • Support for Atrac3, WMA, and MP3
  • Support for JPEG images and MPEG4 video playback

So what’s missing from this mongoloid? Well, a built-in camera for one. A design that looks more like a gadget and less like a toy would work well too. A nice video/photo edition would of been a sure fire bet at being a possible PDA killer. Sadly, without this function, the Mylo comes up a little short. It reminds me of the little boy in my 2nd grade class that was the best speller in the school, but still was eating glue years later in middle school.

sony mylo

sony mylo sd card

Andrew Dobrow

Sony Mylo Learning Center [via Gadgetell]

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