Solution For Gamers Who Lack Skill

If you really suck at video games or you’re just a no good untrustworthy cheating sonofabitch, then the AcidMods Spit-Fire Controller was made just for you. This Xbox 360 controller mod has two special function buttons which are fully programmable that will give your pudgy fingers an edge against competition that is clearly superior to you in Call Of Duty 4.

Demonstrated in the video are some of the macros that can be assigned to the all new back buttons installed on the controller.  A button in the center of the controller can remap the keys and change their macros.  Shown here we have the player being able to rapidly fire his pistol, as if he was using a turbo button. Cool mod, but will it be cool after it gets you banned from Xbox Live?  Sure it will! They can’t ban ya from a single-player campaign. In your face, Microsoft!

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