Electric Cars – Snooping Around the Best 10!

The era of electric vehicles is taking over the automobile industry and the age where cars running on gasoline is running out of life. The revolution in hybrid cars and electric vehicles is taking place and the presence of charging stations is exceeding day by day. If you are looking to opt for this clean source of commuting, then you will be needing a little help in knowing which are the most avidly present cars across the globe and are loaded with what features exactly. Here is a list of 10 best electric cars that will tell you what is under the hood and how far will they take you before you stop to charge again.

Best Electric Cars Around!

1. Tesla Model S

top electric cars

The Model S released by Tesla motors is one of the highly reputed and sought after electric car in the industry. It is priced at a range of $ 67,500 to $ 75,000. The Model S comes out in 3 variants, the P90D, 90D, and 70D. The range of these variants are a rough 240 miles to 294 miles and are offered with All Wheel drivetrain. The P90D has a whooping acceleration and reaches a top speed of 115 MPH. The Model S is powered by two separate motors in the front and rear that generate a massive power.

2. Honda Fit

top 10 electric cars

The Fit features a power storage with a capacity of 20kWh and gives an output of 100kW. It needs an approximate charging time of fewer than 15 hours on the whole. The Fit generates a good 123 HP in sports mode, 100 HP in normal mode and a moderate 67 HP on ECON mode and gives a maximum torque of 189 lb-ft. The range of miles that can be covered on one full charge is a combined 118 miles. The standard safety features on the Honda are loaded on to the Fit.

3. Nissan Leaf

top electric cars

The Nissan Leaf starts at a price range of $ 29,000 and features a 24 kWh lithium battery with an 84 miles range and gives an output of 80 kW. The car is loaded with ABS, EBS and BA under the safety category. It gives out a combined drive range economy of 114 miles. The 107 HP car has a charging port on the front of the car and lacks a tank which might make you fuel up. The app from Nissan will enable to keep you connected with it and follow up on the current status of this Leaf.

4. BMW i3


An electric variant of the cars that BMW manufactures is something we will tend to look forward to. The German company has priced the i3 at $ 42,000 and is equipped with a motor that delivers 170 HP of power and a maximum torque of 184 lb-ft. The battery is a 22 kWh lithium battery and has a fast charging capability feature. The safety features on the i3 are loaded with ABS, ALR, etc. making it a little less surprising to find it on a BMW. Overall, BMW puts forward a vehicle worth the price and something to invest in.

5. Mitsubishi I-MIEV

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This electric car manufactured by Mitsubishi is one of the most affordable electric cars priced at $ 22,995. The engine is a synchronous permanent magnetic motor and delivers a nominal power of 66 HP and delivers a torque of 145 lb-ft. It is also a Zero Emission Vehicle and is loaded with a Lithium Ion Battery with an energy of 16 kWh and takes a charging time of 14 hours with a 12 A power supply. It is equipped with a single speed fixed transmission and gives a combined MPGe of 112 miles.

6. Chevrolet Spark


The Chevrolet Spark starts at a price range of $ 18,495 and is loaded with a motor that offers a whooping 327 lb-ft making it the best in class. It goes from 0 to 60 MPH in about 7.2 seconds which is phenomenal for an electric car of this kind. The display on the interior of the car gives out information with regard to the battery status and the charging capacities, etc. You get an average MPGe of 128 miles in the city and about 109 MPGe on a highway. The 10 standard airbags ensure your safety all through your drive.

7. Ford Focus


The electric version of the Focus starts at a price of $ 29,170 and is equipped with a 107 kW motor and a 23 kWh liquid cooled lithium ion battery. The single speed automatic transmission makes it an easy driving experience. The ABS and BA add on to the safety features on the car. Electronic Stability Control, Tire pressure monitoring system, etc. keep your safety in check. The Focus puts a lot of focus on mileage with an MPGe of 110 during a drive through the city and about 99 on the highway in electric cars.

8. Volkswagen e-Golf



The e-Golf has a range of 83 miles offered by the 115 HP electric motor that provides a maximum torque of 199 lb-ft which is one of the best in its segment. The driver assist features such as Front Assist, Park Assist, and Park Pilot make it even handier in the city. The e-Golf comes in two variants of SE and SEL premium at a price range of $ 28,995 and $ 35,595 respectively. The electric version of the Golf still looks original enough an equally spacious room and storage space for your trip.

9. Fiat 500e

fiat 500e

The 500e is one of the best-looking compact cars offered at a price range of $ 31,800. It features an 83 kW electric motor that generates 111 HP and gives you a torque of 147 lb-ft. It has a single speed transmission and a push button shifter. The zero emission vehicle offers an MPGe of 121 in the city and about 103 on a highway making it highly efficient and one of the best choices for electric cars. It is equipped with a bunch of safety features such as air bags, Tire pressure monitoring system, etc.

10. Kia Soul EV

kia soul ev

The Soul in the electric form comes in three variants priced between $ 31,000 to $ 36,000 and is fitted with a 360 V motor offering a maximum power of 109 HP and the motor gives an output of 8104 kW along with a maximum torque of 210 lb-ft. The safety measures come as a standard across all the variants of the car and are loaded with ABS, Electronic Stability Control, Hill Start Assist, Brake Assist System, etc to make your drive as safe as possible.

Given that electric cars are taking over the choice of automobiles, what would you prefer having? Considering the fact that the savings over electric cars are quite nominal and are retrieved only over an extended time frame, is it actually worth all the expenses and hassles of finding a charging station? Well, consider the state of the earth today and you will realize that we are indeed in need of these clean energy cars that are a major boost in helping towards a better world. If it interests you, keep an eye out for hydrogen fuel cell cars as well.

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