Snap!: Still got The Power

Some songs go down in the history books as perfect examples of their genre, and The Power, a 1990 Snap! hit is certainly one of them. Written by Luca Anzilotti and Michael Münzing, a German duo who collaborated with Snap!, it was the third single released by the group.

Featuring vocals from Penny Ford and a rap section performed by Turbo B, the song had all the ingredients to be a hit when it came out, and it more than fulfilled that destiny!

The version eventually released in the US, which reached the top spot on the US Hot Dance Club Play chart, was not the original version however. When it was first released, the song had been a mashup of illegal samples, and as it gained popularity this became a problem, with some of those sampled commencing legal action.

The track was eventually re-recorded with the present vocals and rapping in order to avoid any copyright issues, and the samples used were authorised, meaning that the US hit is in many ways quite different from the original European single.

Snap! has gone through many changes over the years, but Frankfurt based producers Anzilotti and Munzing have remained a constant presence in the line-up since day one. They have been recording and releasing music for almost three decades, and have been a constant presence in the German dance charts, as well as around the world.

These powerhouses of vintage dance music are still on top form – they’re sure to get any audience up and dancing. Contact the Snap! agent to find out more about their booking agency and booking them through their live music agency to perform at an event you’re planning.

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