Smell-o-phone is right under our nose


A scent-emitting phone might not be the top priority in a iPhone-ruled world, though Motorola officially submitted a patent in 2005, just recently released, for a Smell-o-phone that would do exactly that. The patent states:

A communication device, comprising: a heat-generating device; and a scent package having a scented substance located in thermal proximity to the heat-generating device. wherein the heat-generating device is part of the communication device and the heat-generating device is a dual-purpose device in that the heat-generating device enables operation of the communication device and heat provided by the heat-generating device for heating the scent package is a byproduct of that enablement.

All of that gobbidly-gook above is business talk for “this phone stinks…in a good way. There really isn’t any information around more than what has been released in the applied patent, but we don’t understand where Motorola wants to go with this. — Andrew Dobrow

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