Slipper Genie Cleans Your Mess; Looks Comfy


The swiffer has been my saving grace the last few years. It just makes life so much easier. However, the Slipper Genie contains microfiber fingers that pick up dust, pet hair, and other dirtiness, as you shuffle around your home aimlessly as usual.

The Slipper Genie is safe to use on tile, carpet, and food floors, as well as most any other surface. The chenille soles detach for easy cleaning, and really just look like a nice pair of comfortable open toed slippers. Available for $9.95. For an even lazier way out, check out these vacuum shoes. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. hahaha… i need those, and then i need to walk around more in my apartment 🙂

  2. WoW! it’s wonderful i need it from where could i pay it ?

    is there a online shop for this ? 😀

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