Slab Jacking vs. Pier Foundation Repair Methods

An essential element of any house is its foundation. It supports the structure of your house. If the home’s foundation is damaged, it can cause severe problems to the structure of the house. The foundation of the house is responsible for holding up the home. A damaged house foundation can cause your house to sink into the ground. It makes the house weak against earthquakes, floods, and insects. If you notice signs of damage in the foundation of your home, repair it without wasting time.

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Methods for foundation repair

There are two methods to repair damaged foundations; slab jacking and Piering. You can choose the repairing method according to your budget and need. 

Slab jacking

Slab jacking is a well-known concrete lifting technique and a foundation repair method for homes built on a concrete slab. The process of slab jacking starts from drilling many tiny holes into the damaged area of the slab. Through those holes, the repairer adds a synthetic filling material with the help of a tool. The synthetic material fills the gaps underneath the slab, which levels it with the surroundings. 

Slab jacking is a low-cost, quick, and convenient method. It does not take longer than two work hours. The place is usually ready to use after 12 hours of the repair. Furthermore, the process is clean, which causes less disordering to the yard or the house. It is not limited to just the house’s foundation, walkways or patio because this can repair the slaps anywhere in your home.


Piering is also known as piling. This method works by driving steel pipe pilings to repair the damaged building foundation and balance the foundation level. The piers are of two types; push piers and helical piers. 

The push piers are made of galvanized or epoxy Coated steel-pipes. With the help of a hydraulic ram, the contractor drills them into the foundation. After this step, the individual pier is load tested. The structure is balanced with the help of a Patented uniform system.

On the other hand, Helical piers are like large screws with steel shafts. The front section has one or more helixes attached to it which provide the required bearing capacity. The piers are made of steel which is screwed into the ground through a hydraulic torque motor. 

As a result, the hydraulic jacks uplift the sinking foundation to the desired balance. Once you achieve the correct level, the foundation is locked and fixed by bolted or welded wall brackets. Piering is friendly on the pocket if compared with the entire excavation. Move over, this process causes very little disturbance to the landscape and does not need any heavy machinery. In contrast with slab jacking, it needs to be tested to know if the repaired foundation is ready to bear the weight. 

Both Piering and slab jacking are tested ways to repair the foundation. Slab jacking is more on an economic side, while Piering depends on the number of piers used. It’s better to consult a Columbia foundation repair expert to know what repairing method will work for your foundation.

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